Personalised maintenance and renovation solutions

At Impact Estate Maintenance, our team of highly trained and qualified international maintenance engineers is well versed in a wide spectrum of technical disciplines, offering a level of quality unsurpassed in the region. We understand your maintenance needs and offer unique and exclusively designed service packages and solutions. By providing personalised services, our team ensures you have hassle-free efficient maintenance with reliable delivery. We bring know-how, attention to detail and an outstanding level of service to everything we do. Our solutions for your maintenance and renovation needs include:

  • Annual maintenance contracts for small, medium and large projects
  • Internal renovation work for residential and commercial properties

Our competency focuses on:

  • Corrective and preventive property maintenance
  • Renovation works
  • Painting, internal and external
  • AC maintenance and repair
  • High quality decorative painting
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Appliances
  • Handyman services


Corrective and preventative property maintenance

Property maintenance is an essential part of maintaining and even increasing your property’s value in the market.  Impact Estate Maintenance is your reliable partner that can help you to reduce over-heads and operational costs through delivering top notch service.  By providing systematic inspections, servicing and maintaining equipment and detecting and correcting failures, our maintenance team offers landlords and tenants a comprehensive collection of preventive and reactive maintenance services for both commercial and residential properties.



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Renovation works

Our maintenance team provides high quality renovation services to both our commercial and residential clients. Whether you are moving into or remodelling your home or business premises, we can provide a professional solution with a high quality finish.

Furthermore, we offer complete range of interior renovation services from office fit outs, drywall installation, kitchen remodelling, bathroom renovation, plastering, hung ceilings, professional painting services, lighting, flooring and much more.





We appreciate that a high quality finish can make any wall look as good as new. That’s why we only use the highest quality paints, sourced both locally and internationally – to ensure that both the interior and exterior of your property are ready for whatever life throws at it.





Decorative paintingvenezianka_interior

We are all different, and our homes and offices are extensions of that uniqueness – so we can help you get the most out of colour. Whether you’re looking to stand out through a feature wall or simply create a mood, our selection of colours, techniques and textures can reflect your personality in your home. Let your inspiration be your guide as we transform your homes and offices through visually stunning décor using a range of faux and decorative painting techniques.



AC Maintenance & Repair

Given the frequently harsh climate of Bahrain, a reliable and well maintained Air Conditioning system is vital. Therefore we recommend your units be serviced 3-4 times per year (dependent on manufacturer and usage). We employ a team of highly trained HVAC engineers to insure that your comfort is not compromised and through a combination of timely inspections and services, we can offer peace of mind for both owner and tenant.



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Plumbing services are a key part of your property’s functionality and without timely maintenance your plumbing can suffer from corrosion, mechanical failure, and even impact on water quality. That’s why our maintenance team offers regular maintenance to ensure that minor problems don’t escalate into major ones.






From appliances to lighting systems, much of today’s modern world relies on a fully functional electrical system. Our teams of electrically-trained technicians can identify and repair almost all electrical problems and given our years of experience in the local market, offer practical technical solutions.






Handyman Services

From tile grouting, curtain hanging, electrical trunking, to installing those pesky flat-packed shelves, cupboards and units, we have all the tools and experience needed to ensure that your tiles and walls remain intact.

Additional handyman services include, minor painting, hole filling, door lock repair and more.