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Property Brokerage 

Mediation, negotiation and orientation

Choose Impact Estate for your brokerage needs and you’ll be selecting an international sales team with vast experience in commercial and residential property brokerage. Armed with a large property database we are able to offer you a wider choice at very competitive prices. Our brokerage portfolio includes individual-owner properties, compound, and large-scale developer-led projects.

We can provide you with a pre-consultancy service that will empower you with market intelligence so you can make an informed choice. You can instruct us on providing follow-up interviews to help us develop appropriate and effective specific proposals.

We can carry out inspections and oversight the project’s construction site whenever required. You can employ us to act as intermediaries to negotiate sale price as well as and terms and conditions.

We can negotiate on your behalf including rental contract details such as lease terms, furniture requirements, renovation/decoration requirements and rental prices, as well as guidance and assistance throughout the sales and rental processes. Furthermore, we can help on matters such as preparation of the sales contracts or lease agreements, the exchange of contracts and property handover.  You can call on us for your relocation and orientation assistance when you arrive in Bahrain. This includes advice on international schools, automobiles, insurance, supermarkets, department stores, art shops, furniture shops, transportation and city attraction tours.

We can conduct a rental property check-in/check-out processes, including inventory and inspection of all furniture and appliances. You can direct us to coordinate the handover of the rented property back to the landlord upon expiration of the lease and follow up on deposit refunds.

We can give you the best advice on lease renewal services.

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