Commercial Property Management

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Our experienced General & Preventative Maintenance team provides a range of services to ensure your building runs smoothly. We are well versed in MEP, HVAC, Fire Systems, Elevator and Escalator operation, CCTV maintenance and modern cleaning equipment. Aligned to this, our Repairs and Refurbishment team is equally well qualified to ensure your building stays in great shape through fixing and restoring A/C equipment, plumbing, masonry and painting, floor and wall tiling, glass, aluminium and wood work as well as replacing fittings as required. We will help you to organize your office before you move in as well as looking after it.  

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Keeping up the appearance of your offices comes easily to our expert team – we provide Cleaning Services, Pest Control, Landscaping and Waste Management services to ensure your standards as well as your building are always well maintained.
Our team conducts regular internal and external property Inspections Checking and monitoring operations of the equipment and systems and evaluating physical appearance of the property.

We provide a friendly and safe environment for all tenants through our Tenant-Owner Relations.

Lease Management is part of the facilities and property management services, we manage leasing activities to ensure that the landlord’s interest is protected and maximized.

Our maintenance team carry on systematic Preventive Maintenance Inspections, provide conditional and Corrective Interventions and repairs and prepare a maintenance schedule for all equipment and systems.

Car parking management croppedPark Management

We provide full management and accounting services for the car-parking facilities within the building.  Our services include advisory on parking rates, slots allocation, issuance of access cards, general maintenance of car park, collection of fees.

Inventory inventory managementManagement (units and common areas)

Our Team provides a range of inspections with respect to the entire development as well as individual units.  With the procedure put in place for check-in and check-out all units are inspected and reports are prepared on the property’s condition and inventory as well as the estimated damages.  We also  provide a hassle-free management of the utility and Vendors Bills.

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Our knowledge of current Insurance and Policy Guidelines is well founded and we are best positioned to provide you with sound advice to ensure you’re getting the right cover at the right price.

If you’re in need of Security Services and 24-hour Property Protection, we can help by having the right professionals looking after your property around the clock as well as providing the technical knowhow to ensure your Security Systems always remain fully effective.

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We can help you through Budgeting and Cost Analysis Capital Improvements to ensure you aren’t hit with unexpected expenses. And we go beyond this with fixed Asset Inventory Management to help you take a set up an Asset Management Plan, so you can take a whole lifecycle approach to ensure you achieve best value operational costs in relation to both manpower and equipment.

When it comes to ensuring you get the best value from trustworthy suppliers, we can help. We ensure tenders are competitively and fairly pitched, warranties are honoured and any supplier’s work is closely monitored for quality as well as ensuring appropriate consideration is given for tenants.

Our Maintenance Reports and log-books detail Maintenance Inspections, corrective interventions and repairs.

At Impact Estate, we adopt a Management Information System (MIS) complemented by periodic reports to ensure you’re kept up to date on all your properties (residential and commercial) and we update the MIS regularly so you always stay informed.


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Finding the tenant for commercial properties

We follow the implemented  strategies that maintain high level of occupancy which include Rental Rate Analysis, lease negotiations, and lease preparation.  Our  established process allows us to conduct careful tenant screening including employment verification and rental reference if available.

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Rent collection

Our Department has well-established procedures for the entire property life cycle including rent collection and delinquency.