Why choose Bahrain?

If you’re truly familiar with Bahrain, not simply viewing it through the more sensationalist media you’ll appreciate that Bahrain has much to offer. Beyond a cost of living that is actually sensible, the land between two seas offers one of the most liberal atmospheres and warmest welcomes in the gulf. With culture and fun in equal measure, Bahrain offers the perfect blend of the old and the new. In terms of properties themselves, as the Oxford Business Group has stated in their recent report, the residential segment is returning to pre-2009 levels of growth.  New retail and hospitality projects and better transportation has helped galvanise this confidence and really encouraged banks, institutional investors and developers to help drive the country forward. At Impact Estate, we look forward to making your welcome in Bahrain a warmer one.

 Services-IT-Benchmarking-And-Consultancy-People-to-PowerWhat should you buy?

If you’re looking to buy in Bahrain today you are somewhat spoilt for choice. Opportunities exist for investors through established and off-plan projects. Reef island has yet to develop its full potential with a 5-star, 250-room hotel planned, alongside private marina and yacht club. Bahrain Bay offers a superb city location and premium corporate, hospitality and residential potential and Dilmunia Island through its unique wellbeing and vitality focus provides an alternative lifestyle.  The increase in freehold projects such as Orchid Plaza has also driven strong interest from expats, locals and GCC nationals. If you’re looking for a boutique-style residence with fine European furnishings, then Modern Residence 2 in Amwaj will fit the bill.  Beyond off-plan opportunities, re-sales are available through the likes of Fontana Gardens and Seef through The Breeze, The Breaker and The Nest.

What should you rent?         

You can rent almost anywhere in Bahrain, it just depends on what appeals to you. Maybe you wish to be near those from your homeland – or maybe you’d prefer to be far away from them. Maybe you want plenty of families on your doorstep so your young ones are never lonely or maybe you’d prefer a quieter life. Saar, Jasra and Hamala with the excellent schools on offer suit the former, while other areas such as Janabiya with its many new apartment buildings including projects such as Lagoona Beach luxury resort and Juffair tend to be occupied by single people or younger couples. Amwaj is the anomaly as it is diversified, attracting a broad mix of singles, young couples and families across all nationalities.

More than the land of the sand

According to the global property guide, Bahrain’s transaction costs are very low, but there’s more to it than just money. Bahrain has just been named the top expat destination in the Middle East, according to the InterNations Expat Insider Survey 2015. And, whether you are indeed an expat, local or GCC national that in itself is something that should encourage you to look more closely at the land between two seas.