Relocation & Orientation Services

shutterstock_942093461Relocating to a new country could be a stressful experience.  Whether it is finding a perfect house or registering your child at school or opening a bank account we offer our expertise and market knowledge.

With over 10 years of experience in real estate and Relocation & Orientation services we will assist you with smooth and hassle-free relocation to the Kingdom of Bahrain.  We will help you  and your families with everything from becoming familiar with a new environment and finding a home to cultural sensitivity training and help in navigating the visa and immigration process. We will make sure that Bahrain will become your home very soon.

Our services include:

Area orientation

This service introduces the candidate to what life is like in a Kingdom of Bahrain . Based on the results, we develop an agenda to ensure that we utilize time effectively, cover all the necessary topics, and address all questions.

Temporary accommodation assistant 

While you are looking for a long-stay home our team of professionals will help you with finding a temporary accommodation for you and your families.

Assistance in finding a home including on-line pre-consultancy

We help consult in residential districts, real estate terminology, deposits and commissions, and the process of securing a lease and documentation.

Our agents can show you a second viewing of short-listed properties. These follow-up visits will help our clients to make a final choice. After selecting a property, our agents will work with the client to propose a reasonable offer to the landlord.

Neighborhood orientation

  • We will give you a brief introduction to the host country’s cultural diversity.
  • We give background information on Kingdom of Bahrain to help clients to understand their new home.
  • Familiarity with history and laws of the country, details on banking, shopping, media, transportation, medical facilities, and personal safety.


school-kidsDriving licence conversion and car hire

  • We help our clients to managing the processes and procedures in license conversion
  • Assistance in reviewing available car types and costs

Education Assistance:

We accompany parents on school tours, helping them to effectively manage their time and address key questions and concerns.

Parents can consult with in-country staff to assess schools prior to arrival in the host country.

We provide information on availability at prospective schools, including:

  • Appointments at schools
  • Visits to school uniform suppliers and outfitters


We will also help you in registering phone, electricity and Internet accounts

Recommendation in Bank Account opening. 




             Impact Estate is your partner in Relocating to Bahrain.