Unique investment opportunities in the United Kingdom

 Why invest in the UK?

innovation-growth-venture-hands-money-plant-540x334If you’re looking to stretch your wings for a slightly larger island than Bahrain, then the UK certainly provides a contrast as an international hub of business with an abundance of people and cultures from around the globe. A pro-business government policy, stable currency and a steady economy makes the country an attractive proposition to foreign investors.

So why should you invest with Impact Estate when you could fly over to the UK and speak to the developer? There are two simple answers. Firstly, these projects are off-plan, so they are still in the construction phase. And, secondly, they are in such high demand that most sell out within weeks.

Where to invest in the UK?

The Northwest and the East Midland regions are the fastest growing areas in the UK.  With this in mind, the UK government is investing over GBP 500 million in Manchester’s development over the next 5 years. Manchester’s newly developed “MediaCityUK” has quickly attracted the headquarters of International companies, such as the BBC, ITV and many more. Residential development in Manchester is also booming, often giving rental returns of 6% per annum.

Situated in the East Midlands, Nottingham is one of the UK’s educational hubs, thanks to the popularity of its higher-educational institutions and the constantly growing number of students over the past few years. The demand for luxury student accommodation is high and the supply cannot keep up with the growing demand, making it possible for property investors to generate returns of up to 8% guaranteed for two years.

We are currently working alongside a top UK developer to promote a number of off-plan projects, which include student accommodation and buy-to-let apartments.

The developer offers, through associate companies, furnishing, letting, and property management services to provide international clients with peace of mind and a hassle-free investment opportunity.

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